Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: 12 Days Of Christmas

Mega Man X – Abandoned Missile Base (Chill Penguin)
Composed by Setsuo Yamamoto et al.

Since I talked about MegaMan Legends some days ago, I might as well talk about Mega Man X. It’s not often you hear rockin’ snow themes like this one. Being the proverbial first stage chosen for many, this song was a nice easing into the game proper. Nothing was too complicated here, and you get the dash upgrade without any issues. Interesting that you’d get the sliding upgrade in the snow/ice level. I always associated that when I was a kid. Chill Penguin himself wasn’t too difficult. I mean sure he kicked my ass when I was younger. But when I read his pattern more carefully, he pretty much become a cinch. He did have some annoying ways to impede your progress to victory though. Which of his moves annoyed you the most?

Sonic 3 – Ice Cap Zone (Act 1)
Composed by Brad Buxer et al.

After spending eons on the Spinning Barrel of Death at Carnival Night, it was probably a breath of fresh air to finally get to this level. And man what an introduction this level gives you. You of course see the name of the stage when it starts, and then greeted by the background of the stage. Then you Sonic bump off what looks like an icicle and snowboard down the the hill. This was cool as hell, just as this song is. You coul even say this song is smooth. While this song has a melody, the main star attraction here is that bass, guiding the melody through the snow. So, how long did you spend dealing with the Spinning Barrel before finally making it here?

Odin Sphere – Battle on the Snowy Mountain ~ Second
Composed by Basiscape

The snow mountain, one of nature reminders that you’ll be screwed if not ready. While almost imposing, it can be calming to hear this song after getting your ass handed to you by the plethora of enemies roaming Winterhorn Ridge. Couple this with the cold draining your health, and things could turn catastrophic. While it might’ve been easy for Basiscape to create a more calming song for this place (like the forest), I like that they took this approach, reminding the player of the ongoing power struggle between the kingdoms. So then, which character did you prefer playing as when traversing Winterhorn Ridge?

Final Fantasy X – People of the North Pole
Composed by Nobuo Uematsu

While Final Fantasy X has its detractors, the music definitely stands the test of time. People of the North Pole stands as one of my favorite songs in the game, and probably one of the defining songs of Uematsu’s career. Taking cue from compatriot Yasunori Mitsuda, this Chrono-like composition is the perfect climactic song, setting the scene not just for Ronso Tribe, but also for Khimari’s return to the tribe that shunned him. On top of this, it’s sets the mood for the looming threat of sin and how close the team is to their final destination and ultimate fate. I remember staying at the music station near the stadium and playing this song constantly. How long did you listen to this song when you first played the game?

Xenoblade – Snowy Valak Mountain
Composed by ACE+

I talked about Valak Mountain Night at one point, so now we can talk about its Day counterpart. Walking into this place, it’s almost as imposing as, say, Winterhorn Ridge from Odin Sphere (which I profiled the other day). But here, it’s the lack of visibility during the day and the height of the mountain. Right from when you enter, you peer down the first hill, wondering how the hell you’re get down to the bottom. The sense of dread hits you when you make it to that main cliff in the middle of this place. The song itself has that sense of dread in there, but also that sense of mystery this place has. Not many have ventured this far up the Bionis, staying close to the lower and middle regions of it. The beginning silence of the song coincides with the weather condition of the mountain while the more louder parts exemplify the stepp mountain setting. So then, it’s the day before Christmas. Have you finished your Christmas shopping yet?

Earthbound – Snowman
Composed by Keiichi Suzuki and Hirokazu Tanaka

I was going to use a Kirby song since I was more familiar with that series. But knowing how beloved this game was and the strength of nostalgia in regards to Christmas, I felt Earthbound was more fitting. While I’ve never played the game, I can acknowledge the influence Eathbound’s music has in this community. This song in particular is beloved by many and Earthbound fan, making its way into every game in the series and getting remixed in Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And so Christmas has come and gone and we now prepare for the New Year. So then, to those that followed these 12 snowy themes, thank you for listening to the music of The 12 Days of Night-Time Listening. But before I go, what Christmas gifts did you get?

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