Zeus And Isaac Clarke Join The Fray In Playstation All-Stars

Fresh off releasing Kat and Emmet for Playstation All-Stars, Sony has revealed two new characters for their take on the Party Fighter genre. First up is the main villain of the God of War series and and king of the gods, Zeus. He’s being set as a hard-hitting character, dishing out large, one-hit moves that send his opponents back and yields much buildup of his meter. His level 1 super is a standard, short-range move that can take out more than one character if timed correctly. His level 2 makes him levitate, following up with an attack that’ll KO his opponents. His level 3 turns him gargantuan, moving to the background (a la God of War III) and punching out his foes in one hit. The God of War series is the first one in PSAS to have two different characters (if you don’t count Evil Cole), i.e. there’s now a hero and a villain from a game. This opens the doors for more villains (or even sidekicks) from already represented series to come in. Could we be seeing Baron Praxis next?

Next up is another third party character, joining the likes of Heihachi, Dante, Raiden, and Big Daddy. Isaac Clarke from Dead Space will be joining in the fight, bringing his signature curbstomp with him. Since he’s another gun character, he’ll be using mostly ranged attacks in his arsenal. Looking at the way he fights, he’s seems closer to Radec’s stealth trickery and Jak’s multitude of weapons. His level 1 is a standard shot that’ll take out 1 to 3 characters ahead of him. His level 2 is a energy wave that’ll take out anyone that is close enough. His level three puts him in a space ship where he’ll open an air lock, sucking all of his opponents into the vacuum of space. They’ll hopelessly float in space while Isaac picks them off one by one. While cool, some might find issue with Isaac’s inclusion in this game, considering he’s somewhat like Big Daddy and not very identifiable as a Playstation character like Heihachi, Dante, and Raiden.

Unlike Kat and Emmett, there’s a catch to getting Zeus and Isaac. If you buy God of War Ascension, you’ll get a voucher to download them them for free. Otherwise, they’ll cost you 5$ each. If you have every intent to get God of War Ascension, then hold on to your $10. If not, then it’s up to you. I’d say hold out for a sale (or wait for better characters to come out).

The God of Thunder Lingers In The Dead Space of Sony Smash Bros March 19th [NuReviews]

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