Rejoice! Dragon’s Crown Artbook Is A Pre-Order Bonus In The U.S., Guest Starring Three Veteran Capcom Artists

Dragon's Crown artbook

Yes! Booyah! Go baby go! Woooooo! USA! USA! USA!

Ahem… pardon my lack of professionalism (and constant fellating of Dragon’s Crown). So then, it’s confirmed that the artbook Japanese gamers get when they pre-order Dragon’s Crown will also be available for U.S. fans as well. Judging from the image above, it looks to be a soft cover if the the sort of “depth” of the spine is anything to go by.

Vanillaware games have been really deserving of an artbook, and and we’re finally getting one. Along with George Kamitani’s art and concepts, other popular artists have contributed to the book too with their interpretations of the Dragon’s Crown cast. They include Code of Princess artist Kinu Nishimura, Darkstalkers artist Akira Yasuda (aka Akiman), and Street Fighter/MvC veteran artist BENGUS.

D&D and DC

D&D: Tower of Doom and Dragon’s Crown respectively. The DC image is actually the character select screen for the game, a direct shout-out to Tower of Doom. Save for the Wizard and Amazon, even the positions of each character harken back to Kamitani’s old D&D days.

The artbook itself is like one big ol’ reunion of sorts for for Kamitani and Capcom. Capcom was the developer and publisher of the D&D games. Dragon’s Crown is practically one big homage to those games, Shadow over Mystara and Tower of Doom, as Kamitani was the director of both games. Kinu Nishimura was the artist for Shadow over Mystara. Plus, she was the touch-up artist for Akiman. To top is all off, both D&D games will be released this June as Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara. This is some pretty cool cross-promotion if I ever saw one.

Pre-ordering either the PS3 or Vita version will net you the 64-page artbook.

[via Stick Skills and Siliconera]

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