Cancelled Stage And Updated Menu Design For Playstation All-Stars Leaked Online

Playstation All-Stars Journey-Gravity Rush Stage (2)

Due to lack of support and poor sales of Playstation All-Stars and its DLC characters, all future updates for the game has since been cancelled and SuperBot disbanded. As a result, former employees are coming forward showcasing what could’ve been. Last time, we saw images of Legend of Dragoon‘s Dart in the works. Now, we have an entire stage on the cutting room floor. In keeping with the mash-up theme of the PSAS stages, the stage in question was a cross between Gravity Rush and Journey. From the looks of it, the stage would start off on the Gravity Rush part. Then the side of the building would begin to tumble around, parts would start falling off, and sort of drift into Journey. Makes you wonder if there was a mash-up of Gravity Rush and Journey music. Oh what could’ve been…

Hit up the jump to see the new main menu they had planned.

Playstation All-Stars New Menu (3)One of the many complaints from fans (including my own) that this game had was the painfully plain and boring presentation of this game, chief among them being the menu interface. But this, this was a huge step up. The date shown at the bottom of some of these, along with “Title Fight Feed” (referring to its beta name Title Fight) suggest that maybe this was not so new. Then again, this is concept art and certain items could simply be there as placeholders. OR, maybe said Title Fight might’ve been a new mode.

Playstation All-Stars New Menu (4)The menu design boasts a more prominent display of the famous Playstation buttons along with the faces of some of the fighters appearing on them. The color scheme is more metallic and gray, and the mood a little more serious. It makes you wonder though; if the menu design was going this far, was a new intro in the works? I remember getting Kat and Emmet and wondered if the intro would change a bit to include them, which it didn’t. This new menu also sports a semi-live feed of activity of accomplishments between you and your friends along the bottom of the screen.

Playstation All-Stars New Menu (7)

Regarding an earlier push by fans to see Dart released, Sony Santa Monica responded with: “At this time we have no plans to release new content for PlayStation All-Stars.” In regards to Dart, “While we considered many characters during development and even created concept art for a number of characters and environments that were being explored during the game’s development phase, including Dart, we were not able to incorporate all of them into the final game.” They finish off by stating that they’ll continue supporting the game’s online components like match-making and server maintenance.

Playstation All-Stars New MenuUnless fan feedback and outcry reaches a fever pitch, it looks like the tale of PlayStation All-Stars is pretty much over. Enjoy the rest of the images shown below and contemplate about what could’ve been.

Playstation All-Stars Journey-Gravity Rush Stage

Playstation All-Stars New Menu (2)

Playstation All-Stars New Menu (5)

Playstation All-Stars New Menu (6)

Gravity Rush/Journey Stage Leaked For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [Playstation Euphoria]
New Menu Designs Leaked For PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale [Playstation Euphoria]

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