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Hideki Kamiya Wants To Return To The Viewtiful Universe

I’m ready to Henshin A Go Go for a sequel!

In an interview between Viewtiful Joe creator Hideki Kamiya and Famitsu, Kamiya admitted he would like to make a sequel to the famed hero of Movieland’s games. The Viewtiful Joe series is made up of four installments: the original, part deux, Double Trouble on the DS, and their Super Smash Bros. clone Red Hot Rumble. This writer is glad to support this idea all the way. Unfortunately when Kamiya made Viewtiful Joe he was still working under Capcom, so they have all the rights to the franchise. One can only hope that he will be able to one day get the rights to his creation again and make that sequel.


Dragon’s Dogma 2 Gets Some Added Features

I see a sequel coming!!!

In a recent interview between Dragon’s Dogma creator Hideaki Itsuno and Famitsu, he offered some insight on what added features the game’s will contain that didn’t make it to the first installment. Such features was the concept of a quest creator that Itsuno wanted to implement in the first game couldn’t due to time constraints. Along with this hint, Itsuno also says the game will be a lot bigger and things like story and gameplay are going to be much better and expanded upon. So maybe finally we will get to fight colossus-like giants in the next game to scale up on and some much needed multiplayer in this bitch.


More JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle Info released

If things hold true then we can expect a lot of expressions like these

In an interview with Famitsu, CyberConnect2 CEO Hiroshi Maruyama released info on the next upcoming JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle game. Maruyama stated that the game is not going to be a fighting game but is in fact going to be a “Jojo” game. And because of this aim, the game is going to run a 30FPS instead of the usual 60FPS. The team, Maruyama says, are ultimate Jojo fans and felt that with the game running at 30FPS, it’s easier for them to portray the famous expressions that the series’ characters are known for. Finally Maruyama states that the games roster will be bigger than what people would expect. So how do you feel about the choice of making the game go 30FPS instead of 60FPS? Will there be a significant difference for the better or good? Let me see your comments.