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Top 60 Most Wacky Bootleg Boxarts: PS2 Edition

Top 60 Wacky Boxart

Last week, a new light was shined upon within the videogame community, followed by many faces of bewilderment, amazement, and side-splittting laughter. Coming from African game distributor Syrian Games, the games presented had boxart that can only be described as a drug-filled surrealist trip. Heads of characters photoshopped on the bodies of other characters, overly simple title fonts, and the overabundance of greenery and rainbows for relatively dark games. I mean, I’ve seen bootleg boxart before (namely from fake Famicom games), this but this a whole ‘nother level of zany. There were over 700 games in the PS2 section, and I sifted through all of them. Yes, I’m that serious. As I clicked page after page, I thought that it’d stopped be funny eventually. But it never did, and this is just the PS2 section. Rest assured, I wanted to show many of these and was initially raring to only show 20. But screw that, we’re going for 60!

So after the break, the The Top 60  Most Wacky Bootleg Boxarts: PS2 Edition.

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Hideki Kamiya Wants To Return To The Viewtiful Universe

I’m ready to Henshin A Go Go for a sequel!

In an interview between Viewtiful Joe creator Hideki Kamiya and Famitsu, Kamiya admitted he would like to make a sequel to the famed hero of Movieland’s games. The Viewtiful Joe series is made up of four installments: the original, part deux, Double Trouble on the DS, and their Super Smash Bros. clone Red Hot Rumble. This writer is glad to support this idea all the way. Unfortunately when Kamiya made Viewtiful Joe he was still working under Capcom, so they have all the rights to the franchise. One can only hope that he will be able to one day get the rights to his creation again and make that sequel.


Project X Zone Site Updated, Has Music, Hints At Resonance of Fate and Viewtiful Joe

Last week Capcom, Namco, and Sega revealed Project X Zone, the sequel to Namco X Capcom that now adds Sega into the mix. I briefly mentioned in the reveal article that the site was still barren, only showing just the logo. Well, the site got a rather significant update. The first thing you’ll notice is the music. I will say it sounds pretty cool. Doesn’t sound tied to any one company; could be the theme song for the game, like for the intro. Then you’ll see a panorama behind the logo. Almost immediately you’ll notice Les Chattes Noires, which was a location in Sega’s Resonance of Fate. Looking in the background, that large tower looks suspiciously like the Tower of Basel from Resonance of Fate as well. If you look below it Les Chattes Noire, you’ll see a place called MovieLand, which was the world Joe would go to become Viewtiful Joe in Capcom’s… err, Viewtiful Jow. There are a few more things that might suggest something, particularly that ornate area to the far left, or the three movie posters above MovieLand

Looking at how these locales are arranged, maybe this is how the player will interact with the different game worlds, like Kingdom Hearts and the Disney Worlds, or like Smash Bros Brawl and those world orbs Tabuu seizes. Or maybe their worlds have clashed and are being melded into one. And so, the plot thickens…

Project X Zone Offiicial Website