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Art of the Week: Feature 8 – Paul Robertson

You may not recognize his name, but you most likely have seen his pixel art (or played a certain beat-’em-up game with his art). Paul Robertson has been involved with many forms of media, including music videos, commercials, videogames, and the like. Hailing from Australia, Paul’s artwork is very, very colorful and energetic. His main base of operations is on the blog, The Mecha Fetus Visual Blog. The subject matter of some of his works can actually be very macabre nature, contrasting the lightheartedness of his artstyle. While I really can’t show most of his artwork here, he has a plethora of nsfw art that in a sense is… fun. It’s really hard to describe the sense of freedom that you can see in his art, especially in some videos and gif animations that he’s done. I guess what I’m trying to say is that he’s not afraid to be crazy with the work he does, and if twin boys can morph into a plethora of references until becoming the king of violence, they’ll do it. Paul tackles a range of subjects in his animations, from Pokemon, to Persona, to fighting games, etc. His work on Scott Pilgrim vs. The World: The Game lent itself well to the source material and the mayhem of Scott’s world.

I wish I could talk more about this guy’s art, but I highly suggest check out his stuff. He’s on livejournal, deviantART, the aforementioned blog, and some of his videos can be found on Youtube. Along with a sample after the break, I’ll link you to those videos on Youtube.

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Art of the Week: Feature 7 – amsart81

For this week, it’s round two with  deviantART group Fighting Games Elite as we feature another artist from the group. Hailing from South Jakarta, Indonesia, amsart81 (real name Amos Rachman) has an artstyle that is both varied and detailed. His main base of operations is both on deviantART and Blogspot. His most recent works focuses on fighting games and comics. While we can’t show here due to the theme of the blog, his piece “Guardian Ninja” shows his amazing prowess with detail as you can see in the armor. amsart81 also has a background in doing caricatures, which are very entertaining to look at (and bring back memories of old TV Guide). amsart81, like blackorb00, is also a winner of another one of the contest held by Fighting Games Elite. His fanart for Street Fighter X Tekken was one of the winning entries. Right now FGE is holding another contest, this time to draw characters from fighting games in a pirate theme. So if you have the chops and can draw, head over the and get competin’!

Do remember to visit amsart81’s gallery over at deviantART and Blogspot. Catch a small sample of amsart81’s work after the break.

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Art of the Week: Feature 3 – vancamelot

This week we cover an artist that brings a smile to your face. vancamelot, real name Ivan Camelo, appeared on the scene around 2008, with his main base of operations being on deviantART. I first discovered vancamelot on the group Fighting-Game-Elite, where his artstyle caught my eye as I was clearing my message center. His style of art is very upbeat and could even be considered cute in some circles. His fanart covers properties including Marvel and DC Comics, Street Fighter, movies, and others like Gears of War as seen above. He uses simple shapes and proportions to build the images, almost like cutting construction paper. But he’s not afraid to get into detail, again, like the Gears of War image up there. Further perusing of his older artwork shows that he’s done other types of art as well, and may be tapping into elements of what he’s done then to use now. One striking image I found that I wish I could show here is one he did of Zero as a samurai. It’s amazing how he used the different patterns in the outfit he made for him.

You can catch vancamelot’s gallery over on deviantART. Hit the jump to see a sample of his work.

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