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Mighty Milky Way Trailer

Well, what do we have here? I had totally forgotten that Mighty Milky Way was even being made. I knew WayForward was making something, but I kinda forgot. From the looks of the gameplay, it seems to be a 2D Mario Galaxy, but with more of a puzzle aesthetic. The trailer has music being sung by the main character, Luna, in vocaloid form. The sprite work is top-notch as always. The game is available now on DSiWare.

via Tiny Cartridge

Sequels of March (DS Edition) : Okamiden vs Pokemon White/Black

For me, this March is all about two things : The 3DS and the lovely RPGs coming out that also happen to be sequels : Okamiden which I’m halfway through and partially reviewed, Pokemon Black/White – my next review in progress, (Tales of) Ar Tonelico Qoga which I might get time for if I can finish the first two, The 3rd Birthday and the upcoming The Legend of Heroes : Trails in the Sky.

Original games also came out this month to great reception, but I’m here to talk sequels, and in this case, the two for DS and which of the two is more worthy of a purchase.

Getting both games on the same day, I was biased.  As great as the last generation of Pokemon was (I beat one of every generation up to now, so the battle system has been growing a little stale), White and Black looked like it would be the same style with a little of that 3d effect, while Okamiden happens to be the successor to one of my top 5 PS2 games.  The plan was to spend 80% of my time on Okami and 20% on the new Pokemon which surely could not achieve the magic of the old games…..

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