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Retro Weekends – The Nintendo Game Boy

Game BoyTo newcomers, Retro Weekends is a personal recollection of all things retro, from games, to toys, to shows. Readers are encouraged to share their own memories in the comments below. So sit back, relax, and let the nostalgia flow.

After the crash of 1983, Nintendo appeared on the scene to revitalize the industry. Nintendo was the new kid on the block, and he had all the cool stuff. It had more defined graphics (compared to Atari and its ilk), a simple controller, and a boatload of cool games to play. But behind the scenes, a Nintendo factory worker-turned-head honcho was working on the next big thing for Nintendo, one that would not only bolster Nintendo’s library of games, but all be its back-up plan when their home consoles faltered. This weekend, we celebrate the Game Boy’s 25th Anniversary.

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Screw You Ebay/Amazon! Shantae Coming To 3DS Virtual Console This Summer

Shantae Virtual Console

Dancin' for joy!

Dancin’ for joy!

With the might of a hundred clasping fists, I raise my hand in the air with absolute jubilee! Last year came news that the original Gameboy Color game Shantae might come to the 3DS virtual console. Wayforward’s Matt Bozon confirmed today via Twitter that the it will be released this summer. “Shantae Virtual Console update: looks like mid June-early July. Will keep you posted!” the tweet reads. This comes as WayForward continues to kick much ass on Nintendo’s handheld, prepping Mighty Switch Force 2 and Shantae and the Pirate’s Curse.

This also comes as the equally expensive Earthbound was announced for the Wii U’s virtual console last week. If you traverse the secondhand market regularly, you’ll see that prices for these games tend to be very high. Shantae here was one of the last GBC games released, becoming rare right from the get-go. The asking price on eBay usually hovers around $200, sometimes even higher. Amazon is no better. Keeping the price up was most likely the lack of any kind of re-release of this game (like Earthbound). There’s also the fact that most emulators can’t handle Shantae, with the only compatible one (that I know of) being rather terrible.

Hopefully this should drop those physical prices down hard, should you decide to go that route. I’ll be playing this on my shiny new 3DS XL!

Shantae hitting 3DS VC sometime around June/July [GoNintendo, via NintendoLife]

Original Shantae 3DS Virtual Console Bound?

Near the end of the Game Boy Color lifecycle, a neat little game called Shantae was released. It was one part action, one part rhythm, and one part Metroid. This was all topped off with a genie that used her hair like a whip, shook her ass for some gold and transformed into other creatures. This was a game that was packed to the brim with content, especially for a GBC game. The game was compatible with the Game Boy Advance for extra colors. A sequel was planned on the GBA, but was scrapped. But WayForward, the developers of Shantae, brought her back in the DSiWare sequel, Shantae: Risky’s Revenge. Since then, WayForward’s been riding high on the success of some of their games, including Mighty Flip Champs, Mighty Switch Force, and are currently creating an Adventure Time game.

WayForward says that they submitted the game to the ESRB to rate it, and will then have to wait for Nintendo to approve it. Shouldn’t be too much of a problem considering that 1) WayForward was smart in maintaining the Shantae IP and not letting DLCapcom hold it (and they said that all they’d have to do is remove Capcom’s logo from the intro), and 2) Nintendo could use a game in the handheld VC that pushed the GBC to its limits at the time. Since Shantae is pretty damn rare, I’ve only had the chance of playing a little bit of it on an emulator. Releasing it on the VC would be a dream come true and I won’t have to dread spending a huge sum of money to play it.

Shantae Coming to 3DS Virtual Console Soon (Hopefully) [Nintendo World Report, via Operation Rainfall