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Footage From Cancelled Mega Man X Reboot Surfaces

Some time last week, it was revealed that Armature Studios were working on a gritty reboot of Mega Man X. Armature Studios is comprised of former Retro Studios employees who left after Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. Now given that pedigree alone, it’s a shame that their MMX game, codenamed “Maverick Hunter”, got the boot. I mean, these are the Metroid Prime guys. They turned a revered 2D action/adventure game into an FPS that had a good blend of action, platforming, and atmosphere — all staples of the Metroid series. Plus, like Mega Man, Samus had a pea-shooting armcannon and it stayed a pea-shooting armcannon in the transition. The game was in good hands.

Then you look images of the game they were making. And then the footage that’s leaked online. All I can say is, it’s probably a good thing that Maverick Hunter was cancelled.

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Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 9/24/12

Another Weekend is here, and it’s time fro another Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up. This week we covered originals and remakes. The way it worked was that I talked about the first appearance of a song and put it together with its most recent version. Only the recent versions got the embeds, so I can still showcase the originals on their own in the future. This week we met Gilgamesh on the Big Bridge. Then we had a Deadline to meet in Revelations Persona and Persona 2: Eternal Punishment (PSP). We explored an endless battlefield in the World of Mana with Final Fantasy Adventure and Dawn of Mana. We went underwater in Mega Man X2 and X5. And finally, it was a throwback day with Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Galaxy 2.

If you want to see the music as it goes up (and not wait every Saturday for these wrap-ups), remember to go to our Tumblr page and follow it. Music for Night-Time Listenings goes up every weekday at 10PM

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The Wired Fish Podcast S3 – Episode 5

On this episode of The Wired Fish Podcast, we talk about Zynga’s stock troubles and the fad of Facebook/Social Gaming. Next, was talk about some of the memories we had gaming in our youth. And finally, we talk about how far G4 has fallen.

Time-Table of Contents after the break.

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Retro Weekends – Mega Man X

Sorry for the lack of a Retro Weekend last week. Admittedly, I couldn’t think of another old fighting game to talk about that I played (since most of them I had little time with). But now, I’ve got something. Four actually for the month of Mega March. Yep, this month is all about Mega Man. What games will they be? Well, you’ll have to tune in every week to find out. But if you want to know ahead of time, remember to check out our Facebook page. We give updates on what we got planned next sometimes. But enough of the tangents. Onward to the first game of Mega March: Mega Man X!

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Megaman X Confirmed for UMvC3! …As A Costume

Imagine the look on my face when I saw none other than Megaman X in a thumbnail on Facebook, linking to Capcom’s Unity page. It was of joy and glee… which soon turned to pessimism. It’s no secret that much of us on TWF haven’t been liking Capcom lately, what with UMvC3, Megaman Legends 3 getting cancelled, RE: The Mercenaries 3D having that stupid DRM, and putting that… thing on Street Fighter X Tekken. But this, this takes the whole damn cake son!  Many have clamored, emailed, and begged for some kind of Megaman to be put in this game. We would get over the fact that we’d be ripped off anyway. But make no mistake: This is not Megaman X. It is a costume for Zero! So you mean to tell me that Capcom was able to put the damn model in the game but notmake him en entirely new character? *woosa*

Well, al least we know they still have some form of care for the blue bomber. And there’s some other costumes for Trish, Hawkeye, and Taskmaster if you’re interested in those. But come the hell on!?

Ultimate MvC3 costume blog: Weapon Expert pack [Capcom Unity]