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[Rumor] DLC Characters For PlayStation All-Stars Cancelled, Dart Left In Limbo


For once can we get some kind of good news regarding Legend of Dragoon? PlayStation All-Stars, Sony’s answer to Super Smash Bros., had the advantage of having more characters added to the roster post-release, something that was never done for Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros Brawl. Unfortunately, that advantage seems to have been cut short as rumors began circulating that all future DLC plans have been cancelled. Shuhei Yoshida stated this, citing poor sales of the previous DLC characters Zeus and Isaac Clark (Not sure about Kat and Emmett since they were free at first).

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Seth Killian Joins The Playstation All-Stars Dev Team

Before Street Fighter IV and fighting back Mega Man fans, Seth Killian was a fighting gamer, making waves in tournaments and an being an all-’round cool guy. Last week Sunday, Seth Killian announced that he would be leaving Capcom. And now it’s been announced that Seth has been hired by Sony as their Lead Designer and will be working with Sony Santa Monica, and by extension Superbot. In an interview with Kotaku, Seth mentions that his role as Lead Designer means working with multiple, “External” developers. When questioned if that would be counter-intuitive with what he’s known for, he clarified that it was the he was “Happy to say it’s just the opposite…” and that Superbot, the developer of Playstation All-Stars, fits the bill of External developer. He says that he’s more interested in the mechanics of game design and will be bringing his expertise to the projects assigned to.

So when Sony said they were bring in fighting game experts to develop PSAS, they weren’t kidding.

Street Fighter Expert Joins Sony to Dragon-Punch PlayStation All-Stars Into Shape [Kotaku]