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Late to the Party Reviews : Super Mario 3D Land

I was going to join this party a little later on down the road, but something interesting happened while filming our upcoming podcast for The Wired Fish.  While discussing our biggest disappointments of 2011 (spoiler), Hachi called out Super Mario 3D land as his disappointment.  Not that it was a bad game, but rather that it felt like it was missing something.  From what I experienced playing the demo at Comic Con, I loved it, and in the back of my mind was hoping that his claims were full of shit, and that maybe he doesn’t know how to handle the 3DS nub properly, so I could laughingly say “You’re playing the game wrong”.  That same night, I decided to debunk his claim one level at a time…

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[NYCC] Super-Mario 3D Land Hands-On 3-Part Preview

Mario finally makes his debut on the 3DS with Super Mario 3D Land. Suikoinfinity and Prota play the four stages of the demo. Part 1 is up there. Hit the break for part 2 and part 3.

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