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The Captains Speaketh: Wii U Expectations

The launch of the Wii U is almost upon us. Since its reveal, the latest Nintendo console has garnered the most skepticism since the reveal of the original Xbox. Almost every facet of this console has been monitored by both press and fans alike. “What’s the CPU?” “What’s the tablet gonna be like?” “Are the games gonna suck again?” Now, it’s our turn. What do we hope Nintendo does with the Wii U? What games, features and tablet controls do we want to see? Hit the jump to see what we speaketh.

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Nintendo Is Publishing Bayonetta 2 In The U.S., Yet…

Why is SEGA’s logo popping up on the Japanese and European trailers? What is this witchcraft!?

To bring you up to speed, Nintendo revealed this morning that Bayonetta 2 will be coming to the Wii U and Nintendo will be publishing the game (much to the chagrin of some gamers out there). I was very happy to see that the game is very much alive and not cancelled as it was feared before Summer began. I was also happy to see the game in much more capable hands since SEGA has no idea what the hell to do with Platinum’s games lately. This had me thinking that SEGA has let go of the franchise (since they were the publisher of the first game and held the rights to it). Then I saw the European trailer Kotaku used to break the news. At the end of the trailer, you can see SEGA’s logo. Same applies to Japan. So what gives? Update: The U.S. trailer also has the SEGA logo at the end.

SEGA responded to the questions via Twitter, stating that “Bayonetta 2 is developed by Platinum Games and published by Nintendo. SEGA is working with both as an advisor to the project.” So this gets me wondering about the rights to the game if it’s exchanged hands or not. Though we can infer from another tweet regarding potential SEGA references that… the IP rights questioned won’t be answered anytime soon. I guess we’ll know more as development continues.

[via SEGA’s Twitter]

Nintendo New York Press Event Wrap-Up

The Nintendo Press Event Wrapped up in New York this morning, and some surprises popped up. We now know thew Wii U’s Price… or rather, prices, and its launch date. A New service was revealed for the Wii U. Another attraction was shown for NintendoLand. New modes were introduced for New Super Mario Bros. U. A once SEGA property is now in Nintendo’s hands. Project P-100 gets its final name. Monster Hunter was shown. And Finally Activision showed off what they’re bringing, including its multiplayer powerhouse. Hit the jump for the full breakdown of what was shown at this Press Event.

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Rumor: Bayonetta Sequel Cancelled

News of SEGA’s restructuring seems to be getting worse as now there’s rumors that the restructuring is also hitting Platinum Games’ titles. According to SPOnG, someone “…familiar with the situation has told SPOnG that progress on the apparent Platinum Games sequel was halted.” The source goes on to state that the game was to have new characters in the game. So far this seems to only affect any Platinum Games titles that SEGA has published, like Bayonetta, Vanquish, and MadWorld. So any other excursions Platinum has, like Metal Gear Rising, are still okay. This does however put MadWorld sequel Anarchy Reigns in a rather sticky spot. While the game looks close to finished and ready for launch, it puts the game in a situation where it’ll probably make it or break it for SEGA’s partnership with Platinum Games. Platinum, for a while, seem to have more hits than misses. Sure their games do well with critics, but the sales numbers, save for Bayonetta (which boggles the mind even more) seem to underperfom. If these problems continue, it won’t be long before we see Platinum left to fend for themselves. Hopefully, they won’t suffer the same fate as their previous entity.

Rumour: Bayonetta 2 Has Been Cancelled [SPOnG]