Nintendo Ad Campaigns Retrospective [2013 Edition]

Wii U Era

What U Will Play Next

With a name like Wii U, we were bound to see that “U” get used. Wouldn’t be the first time (nor the second time) Nintendo would single out a letter for an ad campaign. Compared to the original Wii Would Like To Play campaign, this was more of a combination of both the “playing together” part seen in that one, the atmosphere of a world of gaming, and a prominent display of the game itself. Another thing to note is that Nintendo is no longer playing the whole “we’re a foreign company serving games to you” part, attempting to cater to both the the casual market they gained, and the hardcore they lost.

Another big step with this campaign is that third parties are using it too, though in the same way as “Get N Or Get Out,”, i. e. in slogan only. While Nintendo does their multi-tiered room setup forming the “U” in Wii U like in the previous video, other companies do their own thing, like Batman Arkham City Armored Edition and Scibblenauts Unlimited.

Interestingly, things might be changing a bit with this campaign, or at least in case of LEGO City Undercover, a game published by Nintendo and falling into Nintendo’s multi-tiered style. Dropped is the upbeat dubstep music and the prominent display of people playing the game. Instead, we have more dramatic-yet-funny music reflective of the game, and the people playing are only shown in the beginning and the end of the commercial. It also downplayed the “What U Will Play Next” part with narration still going on. Given that this is the first ad campaign for the Wii U and its slogan being very telling of how new this console is, it’ll probably be around ’til the end of 2013.

So now that Nintendo has a campaign for the Wii U, what will they do in their next campaign? Will they freeform it for a bit until they think of a new one? Will they start a new one with a “U” in it? Or will they do something more existential like “Who Are You?” or The Cube Campaign. Whatever is next, I’ll be back here to update this article with it.

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