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Project X Zone Comfirmed For U.S. And European Release

PXZ Localization

The localization wave is riding high as now comes word that Project X Zone will be coming to the U.S. Developed by Namco Bandai, Project X Zone sees the universes and characters of SEGA, Namco, and Capcom clashing, wondering what the hell is going on. We’ve covered this game quite a bit here on The Wired Fish, and the collective over at 100,000 Strong To Localize Project X Zone took to Twitter to ask Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada to pitch the game to the higher ups at Namco to localize the game. Then came word that if the game did well in Japan, it’d be localized. Looks like the efforts worked as now the game will be getting released in the U.S. after all.

Project X Zone is a SRPG in the same style of Super Robot Wars and prequel Namco X Capcom. You move units across a grid and engage other units. When the attacking phase begins, the action shifts to a 2D perspective and encourages to unleash all of the special attacks at your disposal. If you want to see which characters are in the game, you can check out a previous article written here (pretty outdated) or hit up the PXZ website.

Project X Zone Coming to North America and Europe [IGN]

Tekken Producer Proposes Project X Zone Localization, Cross Your Fingers

Ever since the news of Project X Zone‘s small chance of localization caught steam, the efforts of the PXZ Localization Community have picked up. According to an FB post, the leader of the Facebook Group, Anthony, took to Twitter to ask Katsuhiro Harada, the producer of the Tekken series, what it would take to convince Namco (the game’s devs) to bring the game Westward. His response was “I think they don’t localize that. That is unpopular out of Japan.” Not a good sign, but it almost echoed the statement from that Namco rep in the previous article. However ten minutes after that, Harada came back with this tweet, “I’ll ask project marketing team. ‘Let’s localize.'” Things were starting to look up. Finally several hours later, Harada did the deed and followed up with, “I proposed localization of Project X Zone.”

This is an unprecedented move in the efforts of the PXZ Localization Community. Harada is a well respected man in the videogame business, especially in the eyes of the Tekken community (and harbinger of shuttin’ fools down). Not sure how much involvement he has in the project, but his characters are in the game. Not that his characters in the game might matter, but his position in the company might have some kind of impact. Still, there is a chance that is proposal may not be considered. But the fact that it’s even being proposed in the first place by someone in the company might give Namco enough of a hint that people outside Japan want the game as well. It could be the beginning of something big. Fingers crossed guys!

PXZ Localization Community (aka 100,000 Strong to Localize Project X Zone) [Facebook]

New Fan Campaign Started To Localize Project X Zone

I’ve covered quite a bit regarding Project X Zone. With every article I’ve written about the game, in the back of my mind there’s always that looming fear that the game won’t be released here. It’s even more nerve wracking given the fact that its prequel, Namco X Capcom for the PS2, never got released outside of Japan. So the chances of the game coming out in the U.S. and Europe are slim. You might think, “Oh no biggie, I’ll just import it.” Unfortunately Nintendo region-locked the 3DS, so the only way you can play the game is to import the game AND and Japanese 3DS (which ain’t cheap). Hackers have yet to really crack open the 3DS (only going as far as enabling flash carts that play original DS games). So the only hope there is to play the game is to localize it.

So in light of all this, a fan campaign has started to convince the powers that be at Namco, Capcom, and SEGA to release the game worldwide. The campaign is called Project X Zone Localization Community, or 100,000 Strong to Localize Project X Zone (a nod to the MML3 campaign). Their goal is to get 100,000 Likes to show collab trio that there is demand for the game outside of Japan and that it should be released. So far since starting the campaign on April 15 and as of this writing, they’ve reached 744 Likes. Might be small, but the public told that to the Mega Man Legends 3 campaign, and look what happened. Same goes for Operation Rainfall and hey, I’m playing Xenoblade right now! I’ve gone ahead and liked it, and if you want to see Project X Zone released, you should join in too. Spread the word!

PXZ Localization Community Facebook Page

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