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The Wired Fish Podcast S4 – Episode 2

The new year is year and we’re still alive. While we’re at it, it’s time to look back at the games we view as our Games of the Year. On top of that, we also talk about our disappointing games of the year.

As you know it, time table of contents after the break.

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No More Gamefly In My House: What I Rented, And What I Bought [UPDATE]

Well, the time has come to end Gamefly in our house. We’ve had fun with the service, but due to some circumstances, it was time we ended it (for now at least). I’ve had my gripes with the service, but I got my chance to play games that I would otherwise not consider (or not pay full retail price for). There were some games that were pretty damn awesome, and a few that made me happy that I only went as far as renting it. One thing I wished I would be able to do was to actually review these games within the time I had them. But several things (namely Xenoblade) would come up and I would be unable to review them fully. Other times, I began to forget the premise of the games, the gameplay, the stories, and any specific things that may have occurred while I played. So I would like to take this chance to at least talk about these games and how I felt about them. I would also like to reveal the one game I eventually bought as a result of Gamefly. So after the break, the games I bought.

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This Week In Confirmed News 5

Ready for Confirmed News buddy?

Confirmed news is back after its week break and we got a whole bunch of stuff to quench your news appetite with.

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Soul Calibur V Gets A New Trailer, and Some Character Reveals As Well

Elvis hair Maxi, bipolar Tira, chastity armor Hilda, and badass Mitsurugi make their debut in this latest trailer for Soul Calibur V. Voldo is also confirmed, but he (thankfully) is not present in the trailer. Right as the beginning, we can see that the development team’s “Project Soul” logo has a new look, so I guess they’re serious this time. After some brief cuts of some charters in their idle stances, we see the action. It looks largely the same as others in the series. But we do get glimpses of some of the characters Super Combo – like attacks, like Sigfried’s and Ivy’s. Soul Calibur V is scheduled for release next year.

New and Old Characters Revealed for Soul Calibur V

Namco has shown off six new characters for its upcoming Soul Calibur V. SCV takes place 17 years after the events of the lackluster SCIV. The new main character for this entry is Sophitia’s son, Patroklos. Pyrrha, Sophitia’s daughter (thus Patroklos sister) has been shown as well. As expected, they don the sword & shield like their mother. Ivy seems to have not aged at all for the past 17 years. But I think she realized a lot of people were looking at her assets last time and decided to cover up. That ninja girl, now revealed to be Taki’s disciple, is Natsu. Will she be replacing Taki in the fighting arena is yet to be seen. Mitsurugi. Older. Badass. Siegfried is back, sporting some stubble and, if the story of Soul Calibur is anything to go by, probably too powerful for his own good. And we have Zwei, a new fighter that just screams Maxi wannabe. But, he doesn’t use nun-chucks. He appears to be using a tonfa-like sword (which would make one believe he’s had some interaction with Talim), but his weapon is much bigger than Talim’s tonfas, and he only has one. Lots of mystery surrounding this guy. Gallery after the jump.

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