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Top 10 DLC Fighters I’d Like To See In Smash 4

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When Super Smash Bros. 4 was set to launch for the the next generation of platforms, we hoped for the possibility of new fighters arriving in the form of DLC. We’ve wanted something like this since Brawl, however such a thing would not happen or just not be feasible. But with Smash 4, we’ve now been graced with four DLC fighters: Mewtwo, Lucas, Roy, and Ryu. And for the first time ever, Nintendo has opened the floodgates and is letting the entire world vote for their favorite characters to be added as a fighter to SSB4’s roster. The Smash Fighter Ballot had already concluded on Saturday, October 3rd, 2015. But figured I might as well share who I feel would be a great addition the Smash roster. So hit the jump to see who my picks are.

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Rayman Legends Launching on September 3rd, Just Barely Avoiding GTA V

Pictured: Rayman and crew barely escaping GTA V

Pictured: Rayman and crew barely escaping GTA V

One of my biggest fears regarding the Rayman Legends delay was that it would be absolutely slaughtered and wasted by Grand Theft Auto V, which still has a release date of September 17th. Well those fears have subsided a bit as now Rayman Legends will be releasing before the Kraken is unleashed, launching on September 3rd in the U.S. It’s still pretty close to GTA V by two weeks, but I think this could spell good things for the game. I’d still prefer it got released some time in August (Europe will get the game on August 29th), that way the psyche of the gaming populace isn’t affixed to the September = GTA V mentality and forget about Rayman Legends. Then again, the fate of a smaller game vs. a bigger game is much more grim when the small game comes out after the bigger game. So for now, we wait for the results.

Rayman Legends launching on 360, PS3 and Wii U Sept. 3 in North America (update) [Polygon]

Weeks Away From Launch, Rayman Legends Gets Delayed To September (Same Month As GTA V’s Release)

Rayman delayed

Like the header suggests, this is Delaying-Anarchy-Reigns levels of stupid. Previously Rayman Legends was slated to release on the Wii U on February 26th. Ubisoft then announced that the game would go multiplatform, no longer being a Wii U exlusive. I see no problem with this as I still don’t own a Wii U (yet) and might have a better chance getting it for my PS3. Plus, more people get to play the game. Then came the announcement immediately afterward that the game would be delayed to September 2013. Woah! That’s a deep delay, almost as deep as Anarchy Reigns‘ delay.

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[NYCC 2012] Hands-On With Rayman Legends

Remember last year when we had a terrible camera-person and we glitched the game when playing Rayman Origins? Well that didn’t happen this year! Nope, everything was smooth sailing when playing Rayman Legends. StevenDPX took over playing as the limbless wonder Rayman with the Pro Controller while someone else played with the Wii U Gamepad aiding him on his platforming adventure.

StevenDPX: The controls handled pretty well for the game. This was also the first time I played using the Pro Controller. It did feel weird having the face buttons at the bottom of the controller, but I soon got a bit used to it. The game also supported using the control pad thankfully since I’m horrible using joysticks for 2D platformers. My co-op partner did well when compared to previous people who used the gamepad. He was responsible for clearing the way, pulling platforms, distracting enemies, and in one instance flipping a large wheel Castlevania IV style. Overall this was a mighty fun romp in the land of Rayman. Now to see if I could get my hands on Rayman Origins…

[NYCC] Hands On With Rayman Origins

The crew tries out a little bit of Rayman Origins. Things seem to go well at first, until they reach a point quite puzzling. Through some miracle, they make it through. And then… they break the game by accidentally activating the game’s Debug mode (toward the end). Enjoy