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Characters Confirmed So Far For Super Smash Bros. 4

Characters so far for SSB4

Super Smash Bros 4. (if you haven’t noticed the sly pun) was finally revealed during Nintendo’s E3 Direct presentation this year. Along with some returning favorites, we were acquainted with a few new faces. Since the initial E3 trailers, we’ve had a steady stream of info coming in from both the Miiverse SSB Community and the official SSB4 website, and with them some more veterans. So, who’s been revealed so far? Hit the jump and let’s review.

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What Machine Gun Robot Girlfriend Is Pit Reffering To?

Having not played Kid Icarus Uprising (no 3DS yet), I’m somewhat aware of the jokes and references this game makes. But this is one that could be a stretch. The video above suggests that Pit’s referring to Curly Brace, the female robot you meet in Cave Story who also happens to have a gun. Of course, since this is videogames we’re talking about here, there are plenty of machine gun robot girlfriends to be had. I for one would pick KOS-MOS, who very much fits the bill of machine gun robot. Not sure about the girlfriend part (Virgin Mary and all).

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