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I Stand On My Soapbox: The Summer Gaming Drought

I Stand On My Soapbox is a series of editorials that cover more specific topics in the games industry and community. These articles are a little more extreme than normal editorials published here, and could just degenerate to outright ranting. Have fun and enjoy the show!

Why is this? Why the hell does this always happen? Why do game companies decide to keep all of their big releases for the holiday season? Hm? Why are all of these games pushed back to a very crowded time of the year for videogames, where it’s harder for most games to get noticed? Time and again I’ve seen companies release their game on November and December, get back their results, see their games flop, and wonder to hell and back why their games failed to sell. And yet, here we are in the middle of Summer just sitting back and twiddling out fingers wondering what game is coming out this Summer. Well guess what? There’s barely any, and it boggles my mind! You’d think Summer would be a perfect time to release these games. And yet, not a lot of companies see this. Well, I’m going to show why Summer is the best time to release videogames.

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Australia Finally Gets An R18 Rating For Videogames

Well that took long enough. Gamers in Australia have long awaited to get an R18 rating for videogames. For other forms of media in Australia, the R18 rating has been around. For videogames however, the highest the rating went was MA15. This was due to politicians believing that games were still for kids. But, like other governments around the world, they’re slow to catch up to changing demographics and not knowing that the common age for gamers has risen (those kids grew up after all). Since the R18 rating didn’t exist for videogames, games were either edited to meet the MA15 guidelines, banned, or simply considered for released there. Measure to pass R18 for videogames have popped up, only to be shot down at the last minute due to 1 or two members of their legislators not approving it (it has to be 100% unanimous).

Thr R18 rating for videogames will take effect January 1, 2013. So rejoice Aussie Gamers! You earned it!

Gamers get adults-only R18+ classification [news.com.au, via Kotaku]

You’ve Seen The Gaming Setup. Now See It In Motion

Remember this image that was posted on Reddit? Well, youtuber 16bitghost (real name Pete) caught wind of this and has made a video of it on his youtube channel (which you can see above). This all started after the blog pseudo-macro posted an article detailing Pete’s videogame collection. Someone on Reddit posted the image, and well, here we are. If only my setup was this epic. While my shelf carries all the games I own across generations, it can only hold, at most, 3 consoles. The Wii and PS2 are here, with the PS3 still in the living room. That PS3 will come back eventually. The 360 in the house is reina_rei’s.

Night-Time Listenings Wrap-Up: Week of 4/30/12

This week in Night-Time Listenings, we listened to music from Rival Schools, SEGA Saturn classic Burning Rangers, obscure arcade game Ollie King, and Xenoblade Chronicles. Again, there’s only four here to due an event I had to attend. Remember to like our Facebook Page to listen to the music as it’s posted.

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A Brief History of the Playstation’s Confirm And Cancel Buttons

Editor’s Note: Since Kotaku’s Richard Eisenbeis published an article relating to this topic, I figured I’d go ahead and finish this one off. I wrote this back in September, with the last revision being on Sep. 29. It was all written, but I lost interest in wanting to publish it. But now the topic’s flared up again, and I got back the motivation to publish it. Consider this an expansion of that article.

Some of you may already be aware of the fact that Japan and The West press different buttons to confirm or cancel when using a Playstation controller. So to those people, you probably don’t need to read this, but stick around for the end. As for everyone else, I’ll provide you with an explanation as to why the X and Circle buttons serve different purposes in Japan and The West. For the purpose of this article, X is “X“, and Circle is “O“. Now I know there are many gamers out there that play import games from Japan. Some of them are new to it and are still having trouble adapting to pressing circle for nearly everything menu based. Some of you probably don’t play import games, but encountered the Japanese Button Configuration in games that forgot to change it (like Xenosaga). Some could probably just brush it off as just something weird that Japan does (which is nothing new). But there is a deeper explanation as to why the X and O buttons are configured that way in Japan and why it’s different The West, and we may have Nintendo to thank for that.

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The Wired Fish Podcast Season 2 – Episode 3

Ahoy Fellow Fishes! Another week, another podcast goes up. Actually… several weeks… for this episode anyway. But I digress. On this episode of the Podcast, we look back on what made us sad pandas in 2011. Then we talk about what we’re anticipating the most in 2012. And finally what we see as our Games of the Year for 2012. This episode is extra long, so for your convenience we’ve split this episode into two parts. After the break, Part 2 and timestamp table of contents.

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The Wired Fish Podcast Season 2 – Episode 1

Ahoy Fellow Fishes! Here arrives the glorious return of The Wired Fish Podcast. Quite a few things have happened since our Summer recordings and it’s time to talk about some of them. First up is the fan backlash that occured with Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. Next is some quickshots on The Last Of Us, Xenoblade, Fire Emblem 3DS, and Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition. After that is the scandal surrounding Ocean Marketing and Paul Christoforo. And finally Christmas gifts The Captains received. Sit back and enjoy the show.

Sites mentioned for Ocean Marketing.



[UPDATE] Paul Christoforo still hasn’t learned his lesson.

Episode Table of Contents after the break.

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Retro Weekends – The Playstation

Merry Christmas fellow fishes! Today’s Christmas Eve, and today’s probably a very important day for you. You got gifts to get (slowpoke), people to see, things to prepare in the house, stuff to cook… well you get the idea. So I thought it’d be best to make this weekend’s Retro Weekend extra early and put it up at 7:00AM. I’m sure you got time to spare for this article. Last week I said that we’d come right back here and talk about something that changed my gaming habits. Well, if you look at the header image up there, then you know exactly what I’m going to talk about. Hit the jump to read about my history with the original Playstation. Continue reading

Retro Weekends – Super Mario Kart

Next weekend is the weekend of Christmas. That tree of yours is packed with presents, and there’s probably a 3DS in one of those. Good luck to you with that. But today, we’re going back in time again (as we always do with Retro Weekends) to the year 1996. If you read last week’s Retro Weekend on Donkey Kong Country 3, you’ll know that I also received Super Mario Kart alongside it as a Christmas gift as well. Well, this week is Part 2 of our little Holiday Special of Retro Weekends. Hit the jump and join me as we talk about Super Mario Kart. Continue reading

The Wired Fish Podcast: Episode 4

Welcome ladies and germs to this fourth episode of The Wired Fish Podcast. We covered a good amount of topics. First is Disaster: Day of Crisis and its lack of a US release. Next up, When Fanboys Freak Out! Afterwards is Patching in Fighting Games: Are they helping or hurting? And finally, we talk about EA Origin and the growing number of Online Distribution Platforms.

Because it was forgotten in the credits:

Music Used

Intro Music
Ken Theme
©1991, 1992 Capcom

Outro Music
Weak Execuntioner
©2008, 2009 Aksys/Arc System Works

Title Sequence………………………………..00:47
Disaster: Day of Crisis………………………01:15
Fanboys Freak Out………………………….15:50
EA Origin and Distribution Services………49:20
Teaser For Next Episode…………………..1:05:02